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October 2021 | Website: is a Software as a Service that allows restaurant owners to create a multilingual digital menu.
The customers of a restaurant can open the digital menu by scanning a QR code. Customers can also book a table for a specific date and time given availability constraints set by the restaurant owner.

  • Technologies involved:
    • Frontend: Vue.js
    • Backend: Node.js with serverless cloud functions (REST APIs)
    • Database: MongoDB
    • Public website: WordPress

Developed a web epidemic simulator using JavaScript. The simulator allows to set parameters (e.g., infection rate, lethality, quarantine, intensive care, etc.) and shows how people moving in a space get infected with each other.
This project was found and used by a teacher to show the students how an epidemic works.

  • Technologies involved:
    • JavaScript
    • HTML, CSS

September 2016 | Website:

SimPulse is a Software as a Service for hotel owners that allows them to manage rooms, rates, bookings, customers, accounting, and statistics.
Hotel customers can visit a website to see availabilities and make a reservation directly through the booking engine.

  • Technologies involved:
    • Frontend and backend: PHP
    • Database: MySQL
    • Public website: WordPress